Character and elegance are some of our inspirations when making unique spaces for our customers. A combination of the right materials allows us to create and showcase our designs. We like to bring our newest options and styles to the forefront of every new project that we work with to provide modern solutions to any space desired.

A fresh take on the classic: Mister A’s restaurant and lounge have reopened after extensive renovations and design updates.

In the guestrooms of Hilton at Appleton Wisconsin, you’ll find much more than a comfortable bed and a desk. We provided plush, comfortable armchairs, a couch, and a rolling desk chair comfortable enough for those who need to work full days from their hotel room. We also manufactured case goods such as sturdy and stylish nightstands and TV cabinets in each room including bathroom case goods with the same high standard of quality. Designed by MUSE Design Group.

The design at Hilton Garden Inn is refreshing and modern, with bright pops of color, which is what we incorporated into the guestroom seating and case goods. One example is the bright turquoise cushioned bench built against the TV stand. Our upholstered purple armchair set cozily in the corner of the guestrooms also offers another vibrant expression of color. These pieces add style to the room as well as comfort, a pleasing eyecatcher without being overbearing.

It’s not only the guestrooms that should be comfortable when guests stay at your facility. At Westin in Tysons Corner, VA, Premier Hospitality USA designed seating and case goods for the public areas. The Westin lobby includes a beautiful sofa, complete with three pillows, almost as soon as you walk inside. There is also a small computer area in the lobby, complete with our desk chairs. We also designed the seating and case goods for the Blu Bar Lounge for optimal relaxation.

When guests stay at a Marriott hotel, they expect a high standard of luxury in every part of their visit. That includes seating and case goods throughout the hotel. Fortunately, Premier Hospitality USA understands what luxury looks like and feels like. Our seating is designed to be lightweight but sturdy for things like desk chairs and public area seats. The loveseats and chairs within guestrooms, however, are plush and comfortable, with colors that complement the room. Case goods are abundant throughout Marriott Mission Valley, blending in as a seamless part of the design.

The rooms at this luxury Houston hotel are sleek and modern, and so are the seating and case good furnishings from Premier Hospitality USA. For case goods like the TV stand and bathroom counter, we went with spacious but minimalist touches with a cohesive flow. Our seating complements the bright and airy feel of each room, as well as the invitation to relaxation that makes guests truly feel that they are at their home away from home. Comfortable desk chairs, cozy arm chairs, and more bring out the Galleria brand and bring guests back for a return visit.