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We’re excited to announce some exciting changes coming to Premier Hospitality! Recently, we have acquired our own factory in Tijuana, Mexico, as well as a new office and warehouse in San Diego, California. Both of these new facilities will help us to provide even better, more accessible case goods and seating for the hospitality industry — throughout the United States and beyond.

What We Do

Premier Hospitality International provides the seating, furnishing, lighting, and case goods that breathe life into your hospitality business. We are a family-owned business with design and manufacturing experts who ensure that your hospitality furniture is made to can i mix boldenone with testosterone the highest standards of quality. We ensure those standards of quality by assigning a team specifically dedicated to taking your design specs and bringing them to life. We even offer custom pieces such as case goods so you can find the perfect fit for your facility.

Our Own Factory in Tijuana, Mexico

The integrity of our manufacturing is important to us at Premier Hospitality, which is why we’re thrilled to have our own factory in Tijuana, Mexico. At this factory, we can bring to life the designs for your hospitality facility with top notch manufacturing and provide a thorough quality check. We assign experts specifically to your project so that they can dedicate their attention there. And because we can lower our operating costs, we’re able to save you money on your project.

Our New Office in San Diego, California

In addition to our own factory, we’ve also opened a new office in San Diego, California. Here, we can meet with clients and talk them through their project in person. We’re always happy to answer any questions when it comes to your hospitality furnishing. Our new office also serves as a warehouse where we can store materials and furnishings until they’re able to be delivered. You can find us at our new address:

9163 Siempre Viva Rd., suite G
San Diego, CA 92154

With these new facilities, Premier Hospitality will be even better able to provide you with truly premier seating, lighting, and case goods. One thing that won’t change, of course, is our commitment to excellence when it comes to our customers. Contact Premier Hospitality today to learn more or to schedule an order for your hospitality business.


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